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We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers all determined to be Proponents of Change in our community. What is a Proponent of Change? We are the people that take the initiative to make a difference for positive change in the lives of the people who we serve.
We do that by facing the myriad of social issues that affect the ordinary course of life and business. This encompasses: education, economics, legal redress, governmental participation, and socially interacting through Civic and Faith Based organizations.

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The New Gwinnett NAACP is here to serve. We are answering the phone, email, and text requests that we receive. We are Volunteers who are accountable to citizens who seek our assistance through social justice and remedies when civil rights violations and racism hinders them from getting due process and equal protection under the law. The NAACP also educates citizens through programs, forums and by distributing information that will assist citizens to combat racism.
We strive to reconnect, re-ignite and rebuild our community that has been perpetually dismantled by the destructive system of Slavery and separation of people of color. When we look back through Sankofa a Ghanian Proverb, we do not, must not forget our past. But we strive forward with pride, knowing that God’s Grace and Mercy kept us. We stand on peace, love of humanity and richly based in Faith that will bind us together.

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As the Gwinnett County NAACP Youth Council, it is our mission to inspire and serve throughout our local community. We intend to shed light and develop solutions that can combat issues Black American Youth are currently facing. This Youth Council stands on the foundation of leading through service, inclusivity, education, and facilitating a safe space for Youth Voices to be heard.

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